Is a Hot Tub Good for my Health?

A spa or hot tub can be a good place to gather with friends and family, and a good place to relax, unwind and even do a little star gazing at night.  But did you know that a hot tub is good for your health?  Here are just a few of the hot tub health benefits to regular soaking, even if only for 20 minutes a day.

Sleep Improvement

A study conducted by the Journal of Physiological Anthropological Applied Human Science Foundation that soaking in a spa or hot tub before bed rime increases your body temperature, which thus enhances faster, sounder sleeping.




Stress Relief

A warmer body temperature releases the natural stress fighting hormone dopamine into the body.  A hot tub combined with muscle soothing jets will balance your nervous system and bring your body and mind to a more relaxed state.




Alleviate Joint Pain

A body in spa or hot tub water is 90& more buoyant than a body on land.  Buoyancy alleviates stiffness and pain by taking pressure off joints.





Arthritis Relief

The Arthritis Foundation believes a soak in a spa or hot tub will in the morning will help those who suffer from Arthritis move better throughout the day.  Warm water will support and lessen stress on joints and encourage freer movement without pain.





Muscle Relaxation

If you are experiencing muscle pain or soreness, the hot tub is a great way to reduce discomfort.  The warmth of the water increases circulation, reduces muscle spasms, and helps to relieve pain.  Hydrotherapy with hot tub jets also causes muscle relaxation which also promotes healing.




Heart Health

A warm hot tub raises the body temperature and increases the heart rate wile lowering blood pressure.  Note:  Anyone who is at risk for heart disease should consult with his or her physician before entering a hot tub.