Spa Valet Service

Most manufacturers of portable above ground hot tubs and spas recommend that you drain, clean and refill every 4 months. If for any reason you find you have limited time for this task, or perhaps it seems a little daunting to you, Coastal Spa & Patio can help.  We have our very own Valet Cleaning Service.  We will come to your home, drain, clean, refill, clean and condition the cover and exterior and clean your filters, even refill your spa with soft water!  It’s like having a brand new spa!


Check out what we do:


A Valet Cleaning can be be purchased on a one-time basis for $325 or we offer annual contracts starting as low as $465 per year, which include 3 cleanings a year at a reduced rate.   Rates vary based upon the size and service, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Give us a call today for your free quote and schedule your first cleaning today at (714) 321-9642.