Should I Test Soak a Hot Tub Before I buy?

test-soak-spa-cosatal-1I am often asked “Should I test soak a hot tub before I buy?” and my answer is “Always”.

As a child my father was always there to teach me things.  When I was kid it was how to fly a kite, how to swim and play basketball.  When I was a teenager it was how to drive a car.  But as an adult it was how to buy a car.  He stressed to me to always test drive a car before I buy because it could be uncomfortable to drive or is not a smooth drive.  He said not to be fooled just because it looks like a pretty ride.

The same can be said about test soaking in a hot tub.  While they may all be boxes of hot water (just as a car is an oddly shaped box on four wheels) what you experience when sitting in them can be vastly different.  Every person’s shape and size varies, as do the designs of the seating, depth and jets in hot tubs.  What one customer may love and swear by with respect to comfort, may not be the case for another customer.  The jets may not be hitting in the right spot, perhaps they are too weak, or maybe too strong.  It could be that your frame is too short and making you feel like you are drowning.  Maybe you are having trouble staying in the seat, which may not be the case in another spa.

You will also want to make sure that the controls are easy to understand, or that they offer the features you are looking for.   A popular feature that you many want to look for is the ability to control each of the jets air pressure.  While some find adding air is a great way to strengthen the massage, others like just the soothing feeling of water.  Also, can you divert the power of the water going through to the jets to turn off some jets, thereby increasing the water massage on others?  Another popular feature.  Not everyone wants a massage when sitting in the spa.

While it may not be possible to test soak every spa you are considering, many dealership will have one or more spas in each of their lines that you can test soak in to determine if the brand is a right fit.  Once you have narrowed down a brand, and a model, ask your sales person if arrangements can be made to test soak in the spa you are considering.  Often they will reschedule a date and time for you to return for a soak in the model that most interests you.


At Coastal Spa and Patio, not only do we encourage our customers to test soak, but understand that privacy is very important you.  With that in mind, we not only offer a private room to soak in, but also a private changing room complete with a walk in shower.

Bring the whole family!  In fact, make a party of it and bring along snacks and refreshments.  We want to help you find the perfect hot tub for your backyard.

To schedule a “Test Soak” with one of our Relaxation Consultants just complete our TEST SOAK contact form or call us at (714) 693-3404.

Private Test Soak Room at Coastal Spa and Patio

Private Test Soak Room

Private Changing Room and Shower at Coastal Spa and Patio

Private Changing Room and Shower