Coastal Hot Spring Spas is Moving Soon!

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Coastal Hot Spring Spas is moving soon!  That’s right!  We have outgrown our space and will be moving just down the street to Placentia, just off of the 57 freeway and Orangethrope Ave.

We are super excited about our move because the space that we have chosen will allow us to showcase all of our spa products in one location, including up to four swim spas, along several lines of patio furnishings, fireplaces, saunas and barbecues.  Everything you need to enjoy your backyard living experience.

Although we will always be known to many as Coastal Hot Spring Spas we will also be changing our name to Coastal Spa and Patio Store to best reflect our business.  However, have no fear!  We will continue to sell Hot Spring Spas, a brand that we have trusted and sold for 28 years.

To compliment our Hot Spring Spas, we have selected Viking Outdoor Kitchens. Vikings Outdoor Kitchens are more then just a barbeque, it is a professional kitchen for your outside living.  We were also careful to make sure that the line of outdoor furnishings will be just as equal in style as quality.

We are scheduled to open on April 15, 2016.  We hope that you will visit us at our new store.  Be sure to print our MOVING COUPON for 30% off your next purchase of Freshwater Spa Chemicals as well as 10% patio furnishing.

Coastal Spa and Patio’s new location will be at: 735 W. Orangethrope Ave. Anaheim, CA  92870

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New Name - New Logo

New Store Location:  735 W. Orangethrope Ave.Anaheim, CA  92870

If you have any questions about our move, please call us at 714-693-3404.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR APRIL 15, 2016…Coastal Hot Spring Spas is moving soon and changing their name!  We are excited and we hope you are too!