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Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Coastal Spa & Patio has a wide variety of outdoor kitchens and grills from quality manufacturers! Browse our selection and find the outdoor kitchen or grill that best suits your backyard!

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Bull Outdoor Grills

Bull's AWARD WINNING GRILLS are designed, engineered and master crafted with the finest materials available. All of the grills are CSA Gas Certified.
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Delta Heat Grills

Intense direct heat will sear your meats faster and deeper to seal in more juices. More juices means moist, more flavorful food. All 32 and 38 grills are available with or without Sear Zone.
Twin Eagle Grills Family Image

Twin Eagle Grills

Twin Eagles style is truly unique and each product is constructed to exacting standards. The performance of the grilling system is what seperates Twin Eagles from other premium grill brands.