By Artesian Spas

Part of the Island Series

Hydrotherapy has been shown to revitalize body and mind, help heal injured tissue, and relieve aches and pains. You can enjoy the end of every workout in your Antigua spa, as the hot water and massaging Helix jets soothe strained muscles and rebuild tissue, even after a particularly strenuous session. This spa provides your own personal lounger, along with seating for family and friends.


Length:84 in
Width:84 in
Height:36 in
Primary Specs
Dry Weight845 lbs
Filled Weight3,845 lbs
Water Capacity375 gl
Additional Specs
Pump 16.0 bhp 1 spd
Pump 24.8 bhp 1 spd
Pump 33.0 bhp 1 spd

Antigua Variations

No Foot Blaster - 33 Jet

No Foot Blaster - 45 Jet

No Foot Blaster - 52 Jet

Single Foot Blaster - 32 Jet

Single Foot Blaster - 44 Jet

Dual Foot Blaster - 33 Jet

Dual Foot Blaster - 45 Jet

Dual Foot Blaster - 51 Jet