Grand Cayman

By Artesian Spas

Part of the Island Series

The Grand Cayman has multiple jet arrangements and open barrier seating, this Island spa is designed for you and your guests to enjoy together. The six seats allows individuals to elevate their feet and get not only a back massage, but side muscles,  arms and feet as well.


Length:91 in
Width:91 in
Height:36 in
Primary Specs
Dry Weight947 lbs
Filled Weight4,747 lbs
Water Capacity475 gl
Additional Specs
Pump 16.0 bhp 1 spd
Pump 24.8 bhp 1 spd
Pump 33.0 bhp 1 spd

Grand Cayman Variations

No Footblasters - 62 Jet

No Footblasters - 52 Jet

No Footblasters - 46 Jet

No Footblasters - 33 Jet

Single Footblaster - 44 Jet

Single Footblaster - 32 Jet

Dual Footblasters - 61 Jet

Dual Footblasters - 51 Jet

Dual Footblasters - 45 Jet

Dual Footblasters - 33 Jet