Taking Hot Tubbing to the Next Level

During the past few years, swim spas have become very popular for good reason.  Not only is it a hot tub for relaxation and hydroptheraphy, but it is also a small pool for exercise, swimming and entertainment.  In fact, a swim spa offers endless swimming as you swim in place against a current at the setting of your choice.  Let’s expolore the many benefits of swim spa ownership…


Expense.  This is the biggest driver today making swim spas a great answer for those who want to add a pool to their home.  While a swimming pool today could cost you $40k – $100k to have constructed, a swim spa can often be purchased and installed starting as low as $12,000.


Ease of Installation.  A swimming pool can take anywhere from 3-6 months to plan and have constructed, whereas, a swim spa can usually be purchased and installed in as little as two days.


Convenience.  Unlike a swimming pool, a swim spa is always set at the temperature you choose and ready to swim in when you are ready…even in the colder months when most do not go in their pool.  A swim spa can be used year round!


Health & Wellness.  A swim spa allows you to get the healthy benefits of swimming, as well as the massage action from jets normally reserved for hot tubs.  You can soak and enjoy the massage when needed after a hard day, a marathon, darily run, or cycling.


After Install Costs.  While maintaining a swimming pool could involve routine visits from a pool service, a swim spa is usually much easier to car for, given its a smaller body of water in a portable unit.  Energy and water expense will also be minimized.  Many swim spas can be sanitized without high amounts of chlorine and other water care products, letting you swim in water that’s healthier, and at a considerable reduction in money laid out for chemicals.


When the urge to install a swimming pool enters your mind, give considerable thought to a swim spa instead.  We will even take your current hot tub in on a trade in.  Just give us a call at (714) 693-3404 today!



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